The most INSANE gun on Destiny

I just came across this video on YouTube and had to share it, this gun is crazy powerful, he literally 3 shots people for fun.

I thought PvP is supposed to be balanced?

Post your thoughts below guys.


He said he done the raid on hard. So I’m assuming do the raid on level 30?

I’ve never attempted the raid is it hard? I’m level 26.

Thanks, I didn’t watch the entire video, just after the first 2 kills I posted that

Pray to the RNG gods

This is why I don’t play the crucible. They say it is “balanced” but yet this **** happens. I hate it when i’m up against level 25+ guys and my team is noobish, so we get destroyed. They need to implement a level matchmaking system where certain people are only paired up against others their level. Not ****ing tryhards that are level 25+…

This game was never balanced in the first place. What level do you have to be to use a legendary weapon? 20. I only go to crucible to get marks to get that grim citizen gun. Crucible is so garbage that I go afk in it.

Exactly anyone below level 10 get absolutely destroyed.

I want that gun!!!

Oh cool, you’re alive

I will give up all 9 of my exotic guns for that…

The gun is called the Vex Mythoclast I believe. Takes the place of a primary weapon even though it’s technically a fusion rifle. It’s full auto with no charge time but fires a single shot (so essentially it’s an AR Fusion Rifle lmao). This gun shouldn’t be this OP in Crucible though (in Iron Banner, YES). Very unbalanced. I’ve been tryin to get this gun since I first heard about it. Prob can only get it from Raid on Hard tho, maybe normal but def ONLY in the Raid.


Vault of glass is how he got it from what i read which i would love to do that mission but i never ever have anyone to do it with. I tried alone & quit after 5 minutes of not knowing what to do lol.

So yeah anyone want to do the vault of glass now? :3

I would but I’m level 25, wouldn’t be sure if I’m ready or not

Not exactly at like lvl 8 i started winning a whole bunch of free-for-alls against 20+

Anyone want to do the raid on hard? You need to be at least a 29, message me on the Xbox One if interested. Gamertag: Guardian Azrael

Yo batman I can get on in like an hour but then I can only play for like 3 hours as I have ****ty church **** at 6 then I won’t be back from that title like 7:30.