The New and Updated tags for games return after I restart the app

Wemod Support said to make a post here so I can get direct help from Developers.

Completely uninstalled/reinstalled the program. I opened the app and clicked the games so the tags cleared and then closed it after a minute. I checked for background processes running and there were none. Time on my computer is exactly correct. I reopened the app and the tags are back.

Here are some older pics of it happening. After reinstalling these examples are cleared now but anything newly updated or added continue the issue.

  1. I open the app and go to the game list.

  2. I click the games so the tags disappear.

  3. I quit the app and reopen it and all the tags are back.


Thanks for the thorough explanation. A fix will be included in the next app update (possibly tomorrow) :slight_smile:

Wooooot!!! It worked. Thank you!

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