The New Update:

I like the new interface in a majority, i like that you can have the left sidebar stay out or dynamic.

I Like the new “Common played games” on the left.

What i don’t like, is games that DO WORK, but have issues, are now all lumped into one category of “Not Compatible”

IMHO - The Maybe Compatible or maybe a new “Has Issues” or “Partially Compatible” should be brought back. because the games i have that are in that category, DO in fact work, but some cheats do not work.

I know for a FACT, Hardspace:ShipBreakers works, but the only cheat that does not work is “Item Durability” and that is 1 out of 5 total cheats.

AceCombat 7: Skies Unknown, currently resides in “Available Cheats” but has 1 cheat that does not work. Unlimited Regular Missiles

And 1 Cheat with special conditions - that is no longer listed as special condition. Unlimited MRP

SimCity 2000 ‘Origin’ needs to be removed, since its completely broken. the game itself does not operate the way it needs to and there are endless complaints within the EA Forums concerning it. EA Refuses to put any work into it.

just my feedback keep up the great work though :slight_smile:


Not having the same issues right NOW (Like with Ace Combat 7 for example) BUT I’d be genuinely curious to know for the future how that sort of issue, of working trainers with one or 2 non-working cheats, could/would be addressed with the new version of WeMod.

I think it would be nice if instead of recent games being on the left you can ‘bookmark’ games or specific trainers on the left side. There are always games you always come back to and games you only play for a while.

Well you can mark them as favorites