The New Wemod Version will be detected by Total War(all versions) and no longer works

Hi, as I just updated the WeMod App on my PC. When I try to start a Total War Shogun 2, Rome II, or Atilla, it says that an outside program is detected and the game is forced to shut down. Can anyone fix this? Or is there any way to get the previous WeMod version?
Thank You!

Try starting the game from steam then alt-tab and click play after it has started. The games may have anticheat that stops certain programs from being used.


I’ve tried that and didn’t work

There is nothing that can be done then until cheats creator or Frank can look into it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hi, can you take a screenshot of the error?

Here’s one for TW Attila, same thing happens to Shogun 2 and Rome II

any updates?

Did you have any memory scanning or game hacking software running on your PC other than WeMod? I let @STiNGERR know of the issue because he may have an idea of what’s going on. We didn’t change much of the internal trainer code from v5 to v6.

No. WeMod is the only thing running.
Thank you for informing him:)