The next Call of Duty?

In this video I discuss what I believe the next CoD will be.

Whats with the commentary audio only playing in the left speaker? I would fix that

I don’t know what it is. I’ve tried to fix it.

I have noticed a few YouTube videos that play audio through the left speaker only. I’m not convinced it’s down to the uploader entirely, there could be a potential error or bug going around on YouTube. Some big YouTubers have some videos like it too.

I dunno man. All of the audio is fine except for the commentary. It’s a quick fix in vegas though

There should not be a next Call of Duty. The franchise needs to be put to rest indefinitely.

EDIT: Every company that works for the CoD franchise is just milking the popularity so they can suck all the money they possibly can. Call of Duty has not been good for many years. Let it die.


maybe it will be a 3+ title named “modern garden warfare”, featuring angry white people splashing minority’s with water. (It’s not racist because they are terrorizing gardens)

Who buy COD anymore?

I havent played cod in many years, just been visiting because i have a friend that love it.
He gave me a code to the digital download to BO3. Think he want me to play but i cant get back at this.

True af man. Just let it die, Activision needs to die with it though.

lol CoD isn’t going anywhere. Too large of a market to miss out on.

How would I fix it?

I don’t know about “let it die”, I wish somebody would just put it to sleep permanently…
Unfortunately the ‘Call Of Duty Milking Machine’ is not going to disappear for a long time, the powers that be know that they can line their pockets with Call Of Duty profits for a long time to come.
They might mix it up a little bit and add a few new weapons, maybe a new character or two or even mix the name up a bit but in the long run, it’s the same old, same old - say goodbye to your hard earnt $$$$$$$ and don’t bother expecting much in return.

On the audio track there should be a slider to adjust the panning of the audio, left or right. If the recorded audio track is left only by default, just copy the track into a new audio track and pan the second one all the way to the right, then adjust volumes on both tracks accordingly

On Sony Vegas I was able to combine audio sides so my new video isn’t like this.

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Make the voice audio mono. What mic are you using?

Turtle Beach x32s. I managed to fix it somehow.