The Old UI

I much prefer the old UI as all i needed was to the left and my favorites were at the top of the list. The new UI is a back step in usability in my opinion. I was hoping i could go back to the previous version of the app

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At the moment, there aren’t plans to revert back to the old sidebar. But we are still taking in suggestions or feedback about the new UI.

Just in case you didn’t know:
You’ve mentioned that everything you needed was to the left, do you mean the recently played trainers? If so, you can just click on the spacebar, or press the space bar, and the list of games that pop up on the search bar are your recently used trainers.
The list is also shown in the My Games section of the Home Page.

As for favourites, it’s a filter on the Explore tab so you can access them at any time.

I too miss the old UI. Please bring it back, finding anything in the new UI is a click-laden chore. The old was simple and got me right where I wanted to always be: a vertical list of my games, with favorites at the top.

The new UI is, well, sorry, but it’s godawful. I don’t care about what’s new, I don’t care about what games are added, I just want my games and my mods.