THE OPINIONS / Why Xbox is better than Ps3

Before I start, two things.
1. Yes, I took this from another thread, but it was my own, I just felt like no one was reading it.
2. This isn’t entirely about the Ps3, moreover of Sony Alltogether.

I have done my research and found my facts, and all of the following are completely true. Some are Opinions, but they are the majority of all peoples opinions.

Why I don’t like Ps3? Simply.
Because the PS3 Steals everything.
Sony in general does.

This is an entire fact list in which tells why xbox is better than Ps3, and How Ps3 is horrible.

  1. They didn’t even make the PS3 except to combat Xbox360 Sales. They actually used the model for a new blueray player to do it too. they didn’t start entirely from scratch.

2, they posted an entire website about how kinect is going to be horrible because of"The importance of buttons".

  1. They stole the wii. The freaking wii.

  2. Graphics are only good when they want them to. Look at black ops! The capabilities of the graphics are great but instead they screwed it up.

  3. Gameplay. Nuff said.

  4. Remote troubles. My cousins have one, and they can’t even get them to connect much less actually use them right when they’re on.

  5. If you look at the knew PS3 remotes that are coming out, they look exactly like the Xbox Remote. EXACTLY just with square triangle circle and X.

  6. They stole Kinectimals… They stole freaking kinectimals and made their version. The"eyepet thing" it doesn’t even look good. They made it in very little time so they could release it before kinectimals and steal their sales.

  7. They make companies do everything their way. Its easier to program in a program the companiesknow. But instead they make them use their system. (I know this for a fact for a few reasons, one my uncle johnie is making a 3 part series of video games that wont be for ps3 until the third release because when the contract was signed, PS3 wanted them to use it their way and redo everything. Yet, he’s already made a entire copy of St. Louis for the game that would work better.) He spent four years making the St. louis remake that they wanted him to scrap.

  8. Loads too slow. Update on Xbox, like 10 seconds. Update on PS3, like 10 minutes. By the time I get on, I don’t wantto play anymore.

  9. Its waaaaaaay easier to mod. They should have made something a bit harder to combat it. I mean come on I’m one who wants to mod too, but its almost like they’re encouraging us to.Thats no fun.

  10. Its a known fact that because the PS3 online is free, more kids buy it. so its much much more common to get little kids in your game that are screaming their heads off cuzz they lost. They ALSO advertize for a family console much more than Xbox.More little kids.

  11. PSN marketplace.Horrible. Can’t find anything, takes too long. Nuff said.

  12. Netflix. You need a DvD to download. Great, so I wanna watch something and now I gotta order it in and wait like a week.

  13. Blueray. I’m okay with it, but now you got to buy all new DVD’s and stuff so you aren’t wasting the blueray. enless its your first, or you don’t have many DVD’s, nope. not to mention they cost more…

  14. Sony actually makes the companies pay for updates. ( again, my uncle wanted to know how often he could update and they said enless its bigger than black ops, it will cost a lot. thousands. and thousands…)

  15. They tried to buy out Halo reach.

18. when they tried to buy out Halo reach, they made an offer to where if they dropped Xbox alltogether they’d pay more. This is an absolute outrage! That’s unsportsmanslike.[/size]

  1. Now I’m not racist or anything… but it seems that because Sony is Japanese, its a little… off… not Mushi Mushi Hello kitty off… but its just off. I feel like when I’m playing it Ill see flying blue tofu or sushi flying around a corner in black ops.

  2. The thumbstick is in the worst place. hurts my thumbs dood.

21. discs tend to break easier.

  1. Sony Wii, its just some stupid looking wii remote painted black with a big flowing ball on top. The only good thing that comes from it is that it doesn’t do too much mario. I like mario, but nintendo overdoes it.

  2. The wireless is horrible. the remotes don’t even work half the time. As a Fact, I had a Ps2 once, and I had 15 wireles remotes for it. the triangle ddidnt work. I wasn’t moving unless I was right next to the tv. It had bad connection. Blah blah blah done.

  3. Everyone thinks its amazing because of the graphics.EEENK. no.

i like sony
they make me DVD+Rs

I don’t care anymore, it’s a matter of preference.

there watch the whole thing

Ok this thread is just gonna cause more flaming and shizzz…
BTW it is not what system is better or worse, Its which system YOU prefer.

Dont say ps3 copied xbox when ps1 came out long before xbox.

Umm my dear sir that would be the Nintendo Wii.

They both do the same things

Opinions aren’t facts and there really isn’t a need for a biased fanboy thread here. I have both and use them regularly I don’t see how one is greater then the other when they both pretty much do the same thing…


Half of these are opinions.

i really wanna get a ps3 i think they look good

Fail thread will always be fail thread.

I did like* how you put this in, however I greatly dissagree with the final result. I thanked you for your effort though. But my thoughts will never change. Sony, only cares about the money, and that’s what will always come to mind. Why else did they start out at the console price of 650 Euro’s? They tried to take advantage of the average user. Sony may have some better points, It will never change my choice. I’d rather be with a company that’s worse than both (EG: Nintendo) than I would be a Sony fan. I’d pay the 650 Euro’s just to inform people of how Sony really is inside the company.

My uncle spent many days talking with Sony’s people, and after their constant complaints of how he wouldn’t completely restart his entire four year work. I was fed up with them. Microsoft agreed to do it his way, and agreed to allow him to do what he needed, and even offered to supply him with consoles and accessories for free, to help him with his work. Sony, wouldn’t do it for anything less than full price.

Microsoft is a better console creator, for its user compliancy.
Sony, are jerks.

xbox works a little better but ps3 has blu ray

Its the Sony wii. They’re both the same.

Sony makes a loss on every PS3 sold. Just sayin’

sony only made they’re price that high is because it was one of the first blu-ray players and it was the best one you could buy at the time, and you’re saying its all about the money? sony doesnt make you pay for online gaming, xbox is better IMO but dont say its all about the money considering you could say the same for Microsoft

They aren’t the same at all. The PS Move uses the PS Eye.
Does the Wii need a camera? No, a sensor.
Playstation Move is a lot more free in terms of what you can do on games etc.
IMO, Playstation Move is nothing like a Wii.


Sony blows. They only thing it’s good for is it’s bluray player.

OP is obviously a muppet who needs to grow up, what a waste of time even creating this thread, both consoles are good at what they do and both have advantages and disadvantages! As for graphics being sub par on either console, thats not Sony or Microsofts problem, thats down to the developers