The Outer Worlds Epic not working

I came back to Outer Worlds but I can’t get Wemod to work anymore. the buttons won’t click I am starting game from the wemod app.


Please make sure you are logged into your WeMod account that has your Pro subscription tied to it. As activating cheats by clicking them is a Pro member feature, if they’re turning off then it’s likely an indication that you are logged into an account that does not have Pro subscription on it.
Your username at the top of the WeMod desktop software should be the same as it is in your post above.

If it is not, click the cog wheel, log out and then log into your actual account.
This should help if needed: How do I log in to my account? - WeMod Support.

When you are logged out of your account for any reason (ie, cookies being cleared) you are given a temporary guest account when you next launch the software.

Ok , I checked and im using the pro account, its logged in correctly…but I see on the Wemod app that The Outer Worlds is listed as “Not Compatible”

This means there is something different between your version of the game and the version of the game the trainer is built for. Such as an update, other third-party mods or the location where you got the game from. You can still potentially use the trainer.

Where did you get your copy of the game from?

Hi got it from Epic Games , funny i found this trainer “D:\FLINGTRAINEROUTERWORLDS\The Outer Worlds v1.0-v1.5.1 Plus 28 Trainer.exe” and it worked, mysecurity didnt like it when i first tries it, had to bypass security. But It’s Epic Games version and has two add ons