The Outer Worlds Steam Trainer?

are you guys ever going to finish outerworld for steam its well over its goal im just asking iv been a pro member but i let it go because idk if you guys are committed i know there is a lot going on in the world all we want is are game trainers. i do love this site please dont get me wrong im just concerned thats all. outerworlds has had its goal meat for almost 3 months now and nothing has come off it. im just concerned please get back to me if you guys can. much love yall stay safe.

Hey @JacobEmily1941. :slight_smile:

First of all, I split your post from the Ghost Recon Breakpoint trainer thread because it had nothing to do with that particular trainer.

The Outer Worlds on Steam has not been released yet, at the time of this post. Therefore a trainer is not currently possible. In order to create a trainer, we need to have a copy of the game - since the game isn’t released, we can’t get a copy.

The reason it’s possible to vote for the trainer via WeMod is because our system automatically adds games to the WeMod library if it detects that game has a certain number of downloads. Because the Steam version of The Outer Worlds is in the WeMod library, this likely means that the game has been downloaded from Steam by a certain number developers and/or beta testers, likely via secret Steam keys.

A trainer will be worked on once the game is actually publicly released. The coronavirus pandemic has delayed game studio’s development of the Steam version of the game even further.

It’s released on Steam - any idea how long it will take to make the trainer?

Some time after it gets enough votes for a trainer to be made via the WeMod desktop app.

No ETAs can be given.

it’s had twice the required votes for the last 8 hours.

Here it is
Thanks mrantifun !