The Planet Crafter Cheats and Trainer for Steam

As well as what @Sephyyy suggested, do this as well to make sure you are using the public release branch of the game: The Planet Crafter Cheats and Trainer for Steam - #187 by Ravenfyre.

There is an option to sign up for a newsletter on the main menu of the game, If you did this then you are getting “exclusive” versions of updates, which is another way of saying beta branches. The trainer is only made for the public branch, not the beta branches.

Everything is updated and I’m on dev branch aka what do you mean by public and beta. Still does not work @Sephyyy and @Ravenfyre. The construction one still deactivates on its own and craft still uses your resources no matter what.

Dev Branch is another way of saying Beta Branch. This is why the trainer doesn’t work for you.
I just tested the game and the trainer works perfectly on the public branch.

  1. Go to your Steam Library.
  1. Select Planet Crafter.
  2. Click the cog wheel on the right.
  3. Click the Betas tab.
  4. Change Click the “Beta Participation” box.
  5. Select “None”.
    Now you’re on the public branch that the trainer was designed for. :slight_smile:

The Easy craft, Easy construction and easy rocket won’t work. Public Branch, last mods, last update.

@Ravenfyre We mod does work on beta because I had super speed and health and all others tested. They worked on beta. Crafting and construct are the things on this mod that does not work on either version.

@MrAntiFun The crafting and construct are not working. Crafting still requires resources to craft and construct still requires resources to build and rocket crafting falls under crafting so you can guess.