The Planet Crafter: Prologue Cheats and Trainer for Steam

On Prologue (for me) only Easy Craft works, everything else turns off immediately.

Yeah, me too. Not sure what they’re (above) trying to say, since they think there are only 2 versions. I’ve tried the Demo version. It also opens Prologue, but a completely different installation of it.

Sorry I do not mean to sound sarcastic but when you say

Do you mean the picture I posted?
I was just trying to show that on my Steam version of the Prologue, nothing was working for me at the time (sorry, I do not have it installed any longer) so I was trying to show this

I didn’t answer cause I wasn’t tagged but if you did mean me then I am sorry for any confusion I may have caused. :bowing_man:t2:

Nope, @SluggleMeHard. I was agreeing with you and disagreeing with the moderator. You’re good :bowing_woman:

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But could someone please update this for Prologue? I know it’s silly but I cannot afford full game right now and I really enjoy Prologue. If not course it’s fine, no harm in asking though ( I hope :biting_lip:)