The problem with the login

Can’t enter the program. Tell me what it could be. Here is a screenshot

Hi, I removed the screenshot because it contained an auth code that could be used to log into your account in Infinity. Which browser are you using? Try using Chrome, Firefox, IE, or Edge.

Which browser is that ? Please use CHROME or Firefox.

Do you have INFINITY installed on your system as well ? Sometimes it might take some time to load all the threads, so be patient.

Else, try restating the app/tool, as well as your browser, and log-in once again. Clear the cache/cookies, if need be.

Please also kindly disable any Antivirus software/AV, as well as Firewall on your PC.

EDIT: Frank has already posted a reply

Indeed. I was just about to tell the same thing to the OP, but I thought he/she has already edited the post, but it was your action it seems. :innocent:

Thank you, that removed the screenshot. I forgot the code:sweat_smile: