The Raid: Final Boss

So, I am at the final boss on the raid, and we need 4 people.

We are also going to go for an achievement, so it would be great to join the group, and you can leave right after the raid is finished.

Would be great to have people that are experienced with the raid, and are a titan or sunsinger (with high DPS weapons).
We need 3 people to defend against harpies while one goes through the portal.

After we are done with the raid, we are going to go to hard and get the first chest, and then start the raid again at some point to grab all the other loot in the raid without needing to get up to the final boss.

Also be sure to stock up on ammo synthesis before joining.

Work smarter, not harder.

Message me here for an invite.

Now need three.

Very easy to find people there, I found most of my team there and all but one are very good. Just use the chat box.

invite me if youre doing raid, gt : triston douglas
ive gotten to the end on it once but then 3 of the people we were playing with left so never got to finish :confused: lol i have a lvl 25 titan and 27 warlock

Im level 29 if u need help gt. PTFO or DIE

I’m level 26 warlock, invite me

Level 27 hunter, gamertag xFalacy, invite me if slots are open.

Need to check if you guys are available now.

Needing Defense Titans, Gunslinger Hunters, and Sunsinger Warlocks.

Finished it in 8 minutes once we started.

Also, the raids gave us all nothing good anyways; all chests / bosses gave me shards or energy and that’s it.