The Riftbreaker Cheats and Trainer for Xbox

resource and ammunition cheats are not working for windows version anymore. i’m on windows 11.

Only unlimited health/shield, super damage, and no cooldown cheats appear to work now. All other cheats seem to have no effect. Windows 10 XBox gamepass version.

the health, shields, and no cooldown work. didn’t try the super damage. everything else just didn’t work though.

the health shields and no cooldown work nothing else

Unlimited Healt & Shield works, Unlimited AI works, No cooldown works.

can this one be updated so the rest works as wel?

The The Riftbreaker cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

They still don’t seem to realy work the only things that work for me are the unlimited AI and the No cooldown can you take another look please

can we get another update its still seems to be not working

Can you provide more details on the issue?.

yeah the recourses and the ammo cheats dont seem to be working the biomass does not work and the unnlimited AI does not work the health and the shield i don’t use so i don’t know about those 2

are those enough details to work of? if you need more info just let me know

Thank you, i will check it out asap .

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Hi trainer is not working today, yesterday was fine but now I’ve received this error: “We’re having trouble starting or finding your opened game.”
My game and Wemod is running and updated to the last version. I’ve tried a few things but no luck. Please help.

Needs update some of the cheats don’t work