The sneakers i'm buying tomorrow: Jordans Retro 7

These are the sneakers i’m buying tomorrow at 9:00am in the morning.

These will cost 160$ in my size but hope fully with my footlocker card, I have to pay 140$. What do you think of these sneakers?

Those are some sick yo.

i wouldnt ever wear em but thats because theyd look ridiculous on me. i prefer to be like everyone else and keep it simple with plain ol vans

I think they’re ugly.


Never really liked jordans. But hey if you like them go for it :smile:

Anyone that spends $160 on a pair of shoes that cost $7 to make needs to rethink spending. They provide nothing extra just have a stupid name on them that make them expensive.

They’d look good on some people, but I don’t think they’d suit me very well…

The ones that came out a few years ago were ugly, imo, and they’re still ugly. Never coppin’ those. Rather wait for the Raptor 7s.

They’re comfortable as f*ck, but besides that. The name is what raises the price.

Does are nice, but I prefer [details=Open Me] [/details] ^.^

Poor wookie. D: Nobody like his sneakers.

They aren’t any more comfortable then a $60 pair of nike air forces with dr scholls. Just saved you $80 your welcome.

F*ck both of those. I rock regular Vans the majority of the time.

Somebody wears converses and DCS lol

It’s a trend. $160 isn’t really that much, and anyone who wears Jordans could give two ****s what they cost. I have like 12 pairs of Jordans and they all cost me about ~$160.

Anyway, I don’t know why everyone’s hating on the shoes, if you want to complain about price don’t waste your time. I think they look cool but I’m not coppin.

I hate basketball shoes, but I agree converse get uncomfortable after a few months pretty fast lol.

Rollin’ with a pair of OG vans

Your also 16 so that’s not any of your real moneys that your spending. So it’s easy to say something like that.

Even gayer.

Those are the Justin Bieber sneakers, those are a must have for your wardrobe. :wink: