The surge WTF...I can not kill anyone!? (except the drones)

Hi Everyone. I am a mum of 2, just trying to get some gaming hours in during down time and while I love gaming, I am not dedicated to being amazing at it, just to play.

I recently got The Surge and it was so tough (after about 30 attempts I could not kill the first cyborg guy.) So I downloaded infinity to help me out and thought all my problems would go away until I started playing and even though i am in god mode and have quick finish also on, I can not kill anyone!

I literally had a guy in the corner beating him for 10 mins with blue hit numbers flying out 12’s and 15’s mostly and still couldn’t kill him. Nothing has come up in google at all as a bug and I just don’t know how to handle this issue? I also never have a blue energy bar active at all? I assume that could contribute if the finisher can never be activated? maybe?

I am out of all my games at the moment waiting for the october supply of new games to hit stores so the thought of being game-less for that long makes me twitch. any thoughts on the matter would be great.

Thanks Tina

Have you watched a playthrough to make sure you aren’t doing something wrong?

Sounds like you are early in the game so you should try starting a new save (if you haven’t already).

Yes, I have watched many tutorials convinced its something more than my crappy playing style ha ha, however when I attack (im at the very first enemy of the game) and when I attack, I get his blue bar down to 1/3 and his red bar stays full and it wont go any lower. It stays at blue 30% and red bar 100%

I haven’t played the game so I don’t know what is supposed to happen. Health bar is usually red.

For fixing bugs:

  • reload a previous save
  • restart the game
  • google for solutions
  • start a new save
  • reinstall the game
  • post in the game’s official forum
  • post in a very popular unofficial forum
  • wait for a patch to fix it

Perhaps a game update changed the code around. I’ll take a look.

why does the game kill me when i kill the enemy


when i have the trainer on every time that i kill the 1st exo enemy i die the moment that they do. is there anything that i can do so that i cna play the game without dying every time i kill an enemy