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The Walking Dead Saints & Sinners: No trainer avalable?

Hey hey!

I was waiting on the new VR The Walking Dead Trainer but I just read that it’s apparently not doable for WeMod because of the Multiplayer aspects of the game.
It’s a SinglePlayer game.

Meanwhile I use another Trainer for the game but I’d still love for someone to make the game requestable or at least explain to me why it’s not modable if it’s Singleplayer?

We will make one if it gets enuf votes yes it is singleplayer.
Main thing is its VR not sure if anyone has VR to make one.

There were over half the required votes for it but they all disappeared after a while and it says that we cannot add anymore votes to it. I’m sure by now we would have had enough. Is there some reason the voting was disabled for the game?

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At this moment in time, WeMod does not provide trainers for virtual reality (VR) games. As far as I’m aware, none of the current trainer makers have access to a VR device to be able to make one.

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There are plenty of other Trainer available…so I guess I’ll have to move.
Thank you.