The Witcher 3 Bug

Hi dev. I think I found a bug in the Infinity Apps. The cheats running well but my “Silver Sword Slot” is empty but I can replace it with different sword but BOOM, the sword is disappear AGAIN inside the slot but I can still use it. So because of this, I can’t add a some “Oils” for the sword. Btw, the “Steel Sword Slot” is fine. sorry for my bad English :slight_smile:

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This is not a real bug with Infinity it happens with all Cheatengine tables and external trainers as well. The issue happens only when you leave the function “Always win Gwent” on when not playing gwent.

My Suggestion:

  1. Disable the option “Always win Gwent”
  2. Load a earlier savegame where the inventory slots for the swords are working. (Sorry this is probably a pretty long time back. It was for me at least. ;-))
  3. Start playing from there.
  4. When you enter a game of gwent and you see the board. So after selecting the cards you enable via hotkeys the cheat “Always win Gwent”.
  5. When the gwent game is finished (Summary screen on the end) you disable the cheat.

NOTE: So you basically enable the cheat when you start playing gwent and when you are finished you disable it again. This is the only way to make the gwent cheat work and making the inventory not getting messed up.

Another solution: Add all gwent cards of the game to your deck at once

The below solution adds all gwent cards into the game directly to the player so you can make the most powerful deck you can have in the game. Now this is only recommended if you don’t like Gwent otherwise it becomes too easy. (not that the trainer makes it super easy :-))

  1. Download the debug console from the internet: I used this one: Select the one for your version!
  2. Make sure the file is called .zip otherwise you cannot unzip it. If it is called .zips just remove the s.
  3. Go to your witcher 3 installation path hereafter called ROOT:
    You should see the folders bin,content,dlc
  4. Copy everything from the extracted zip to:
  5. Now start Infinity
  6. Go to Witcher and change the hotkey for “Never Die” from F2 to F12 for instance. (You need F2 to start the debug console)
  7. Launch the game.
  8. Load your save.
    9a. Make a extra save just in case (optional but recommended)
    9b. Press F2 and a console window opens.
  9. Type in: addgwintcards
  10. Press enter. You don`t get any confirmation so just press it once otherwise you get all cards double. THIS IS NOT REVERSIBLE!
  11. Now open your Gwent deck and you should see all the items.

Use google to find more gwent cheats for the debug console. I cannot add more then one link because of limitations. Sorry.

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Thanks man! appreciate it!. Problem Solved :grin: