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The Witcher 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

The The Witcher 3 cheats have been updated!


  • One Hit Kill cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


@MrAntiFun do you think it would be possible to add a always win gwent option?

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@MrAntiFun My game is up to date but when you added the one hit kill cheat the trainer stopped working for me. any ideas ?

@MrAntiFun do u think we could get an “always win gwent” option thanks!


First time playing the game, and first time using wemod with this game. I tried to increase my money, and carrying capacity but neither are changing. I opened up my inventory as it says to, I increased both through wemod, and i have since exited the menu, reopened, and not seems to of changed at all.


The “teleport waypoint” does not work. It’s sad since this game is a giant open-world.
When I use it, it teleports me under the map, every time.

Could we get a fix?

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Yeah, only worked once for me.

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Seems to work fine, Does the issue happen when you get to a certain point in the game?, Make sure you first open map then set a waypoint then use the waypoint teleport cheat then close the map


Sometimes happens for me, too. Just teleport again with a little offset to your last teleport. And try holding your moving-stick / key to any direction while closing the map after using the TP-cheat. The teleport cheat always puts me below the floor but the game puts me back up on it.

Hey there.

The TP feature bugs out for me too. I follow instructions. Sometimes it works, but most of the times, just puts me through the map endlessly and i have to Undo the TP and try again.

And i can confirm that i have to use a move button after i close the map to actually engage the tp.

Lvl15, Velen area.

I also have other things active in the trainer, they all work fine.

P.S. I found that changing the hotkey from CTRL+F11 (standard) to something else (NUMPAD 3) has fixed the issue. Maybe try and change the hotkey to a single button.

I can assure you that I’m following these instructions. In the beginning, it was never working, but after I figured out that sometimes it works but it is very random.

Often, Geralt goes under the map, then the game put me back to a good place but it kills Geralt since it considers it as a big jump.

The TP cheat works fine if Geralt is in Novigrad, but not when in Velen and Skallige. And I have the same issue, the teleport cheat always puts me below the floor, not like shown in your video where Geralt fell from the sky.

Try that my man :slight_smile:

Level is stuck. Doesn’t move. The amount of exp is bigger then what it actually is required.

Hey thank you for the suggestion, I did just that but still it only works approx. 65% of the time outside of Novigrad

For me it works 100% of the time when changing to 1 button toggle and i`m ALWAYS mounted on Roach, after i activate, i have to press forward key to engage after exiting map, but it works.

Works randomly when not mounted.


This trainer crashes the game all the time. Not sure which option is causing it but i usually only use the health cheat. Crashes the game very often. I am using the steam GoTY edition.

I would have to guess the crash is because this was made for the regular version goty mite be a little different

I’m using the same edition from Steam, it crashes the game very randomly. Happened 2-3 times out of 10 gameplays.

Game of the year edition may require a separate trainer, sometimes the game code changes from standard to GOTY release, bug fixes ect.