The Witcher 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam

its not showing up in infinty

oops so sorry i forgot to look for the folder myself lol

I’m having trouble using the skill point one it does not seem to work for me

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yeahh i’m having the same issue with mine also, everything els works fine tho.

The trainer hasn’t been working since I downloaded the expansion pass

Fast XP gain nor Infinite Skill Points work, but one hit kills and those i tested worked, i have all dlc.
Try unistalling and installing again Infinity, if that doesnt brings solution, then use this tool - ICDV2.bat - and try again.

disclaimer: i test it but dont use it in my day to day gaming, but if they work in the test i did should work all the time.

just ran icdv2 in automatic mode, didn’t seem to work for me at all.

icdv2 work well but it dont mean thats your problem.
It clear your cache.

Everything work beside the skill points?
Im not sure but could you look if there is a big “i” beside the start button.
Think it should be something but its a while since i tested it for this game.

I is for Important Notes, could be there is something special you have to do to get the points.

Trainer needs update, well for those two cheats. I’ll do it soon


Thank you

I can’t seem to get this to work with the game of the year edition, error code 15. Should it work? or is it considered a separate game?

Nevermind sorry, my fault, re-running infinity as administrator fixed the issue

I have The Witcher 3 and when i activate the mods some of them don’t work like (Fast XP gain) doesn’t work at all also (Infinite Skill Points, and Infinite Gold)

To who reads this, that can help me
Plz take ur time already asked for help today on something don’t wanna take anyone’s time.

Does the game crash, or do the cheats just not do anything?

First time i did it the game crashed, then i loaded again and some of the cheats didn’t work.

Okay we’ll look into it. There’s a lot of issues being caused by the same bug.

Thank you @frank, and sorry for bothering lol

Oh please, this is my job :stuck_out_tongue: Bother away!

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I’ll test if the trainer needs an update or its an assembler issue.

Skill points need special instructions to use, i don’t know if those notes i wrote were ported overted to v2 or not. Here they are

You need to kill some enemies or finish a mission in game to see your XP gain on screen.

Spending skills points will make them infinite.

Enable Always Win Gwent only during battle.

Ohh ok, for skill points do i need to have a lot of skill points or can i just have 1 and also for the xp i press the command and it doesn’t turn blue or activate.

And also for version two of infinity i saw that the special instructions for a lot of games don’t appear or its just that i don’t know how to access them so i could know like when to activate them or when to not, thank you for responding and sorry for taking some time to respond @STN

EDIT:( I might not respond soon since im going to sleep)