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The Witcher 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


You did it incorrectly.


Oh i got a notification that i could not send it to the address, which i see now is NOREPLY. LOL

Did you not receive anything, or was it just wrong? To where should i send it?


Upload it somewhere like zippyshare etc. then PM me the link.


The infinite stamina trick breaks races. The screen flickers, the game loads again real quick, then shows Geralt on Roach in a blank, dark background, no other graphics besides Geralt, Roach, and the HUD/countdown. It loads again after the countdown, then shows the fail cutscene as if you automatically lost. Good thing I saved before agreeing to the race.

This is on Steam version 1.31.


your problem is quite strange, i just tested and no problem with stamina.
this is what i did:
1)Run Witcher 3
2)Load save-game and activate hack.
3) I entered a race and i won it, and used Roach a little more , since no problem appeared, i ended the test.

an in another note is always good to have a few saves on your sleeve or activate the autosave from options, cheers.


I did some research, and it turns out that is a rare glitch that occurs with just that race.
There’s also another glitch where one or both of the other riders don’t appear on their horses. I’m repeatedly loading my save just before talking to Cleaver in hopes that this glitch will happen again so I can just canter my way to the finish line, because this race is total BS.


Try the following lets say the race is in Skellige, so quick travel to Velen, and then move back to Skellige, i had a crash problem starting a mission and i managed to fix it that way.


cheat makes the FPS drop


Must be something on your end because out of 200 comments I don’t think I have read where any one else has had that problem


when i use wemod, whe using the mouse my fps drops, but if i don’t use wemod, works fine!


Gold cheat doesnt work.


Whats your PC specs and what settings you playing the game (ie. high, medium, ultra high).

This is a new issue for me and seems like your PC issue and not the trainer.


Also i would advice to disable the antivirus and test if the problem persist, in another note devs were working in a probably related problem mere 6 days ago (fps drops in dark souls 3) but i didnt encounter any problem in my test in witcher 3, but who knows.


I haven’t encountered this issue on DS3 either.


Unlimited durability doesn’t work. Please fix.


Sorry for double post but now all key inputs stop working after a time. The trainer stays activated and the cheats do work, I just can’t activate or re-activate anything. Seems to have started after the latest update.


Hi i have version 1.31 and when i use skill cheat its close my game. Can you help me ?


Am ruining the GOTY edition 1.31 and the cheat keeps crashing when i use some of the cheats like XP/Skill Points cheat. is there any fix for this? an update? Thank you for all the work your doing!!


Steam version is different and this trainer is for steam version.


Same as @ibra_b i have v 1.31 but for me is not working the “ADD XP” and “INFINITE SKILL POINTS” if i try to use them the game will crash.