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The Witcher 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


@taakebanke Which cheats?


I used most of them except enemies always tired, instant kills, always win gwent and add xp


Shouldn’t crash. I hope GOG didn’t change their version so much that’s the whole trainer doesn’t work with it.

Anyway, i can’t do anything about it as this trainer is for steam version and i can only support that.


Guess I just have to consider buying the steam edition then :stuck_out_tongue: Wait for a good sale. Thanks for you help anyways


Hello all,

I’m using the steam version of the Witcher 3.

When I try to launch the Witcher, it does not start any process.

The directory is correct. Yet it does not find the .exe file.


Spam the Play key. Disable your antivirus and add infinity to its exception list


Specifcally only Add XP, and Infinite Skill Points do not work on the GoG GOTY version. They cause the process to crash and hang.


I’m playing the GOG GOTY edition and I can’t seem to get the ‘Always Win Gwent’ cheat to work? Is there a specific time/place I need to activate it? Thanks!


And I can confirm that the XP and skill points cheats cause the game the CTD.


Those cheats are for steam version only!


Okay thanks for letting me know!


For anybody struggling to use the cheat trainer for the GOG 1.31 GOTY version, there are a number of places that share the console command debugger. That works perfectly!


The experience/Added skill points modification does not work for me. v1.31


It’s for steam version


@Aaron36CF This trainer is for the steam version only, not the GOG version.


any chance we can get a craft anywhere cheat?


Does this work for the Steam GOTY Edition (on sale right now, for those interested!)

Followup: Yes it does.


So, I’ve been waiting 10 minutes now for it to detect the game. is there any way to change the actual exe that needs to be seen or should i just keep waiting for it detect the game?

Edit: Posted moments to soon, it finally found the game.


So, I’ve figured out what is causing my Silver Sword slot to disappear. Actually, the sword doesn’t disappear, but the sword slot shows empty. It’s the “Always Win Gwent” cheat. I enabled each cheat one at a time, then would check my inventory. Low and behold the Silver Sword slot disappeared when I enabled “Always Win Gwent”, then when I disabled it the sword reappeared in it’s correct slot. Hmmm, any reason why?


Why do you have Always Win Gwent outside the gwent game ?