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The Witcher 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Funny you should ask that STN. Didn’t leave it enabled on purpose. But, after posting above, I thought it important to read the little “i” next to the cheat, and I see you said not the leave it enabled when not playing Gwent. My mistake. It is in no way your fault, and I withdraw my previous question as to any reason why. I should be more aware of what I’m doing. With that said, you’re one awesome trainer programmer, and keep up the good work!
P.S. Might want to check the Doom 2016 page. That trainer is not working at all. Thanks again!


Holy ■■■■ that is too much positivity


O boy now he gonna have a big head geesh


@N1ceToMeetYou do you feel overwhelmed from all that positivity?


Never saw so much positivity towards STN
Normally the most positive thing is
FiX YoUr TrAiNeR nOw!


@N1ceToMeetYou that is a very true & a good point.


Well lets just hope stn dont see the compliment.


@ptondo for all the work @STN does i think he does deserve a compliment here & there. especially of that magnitude and positivity.


Hello everyone! I’m extremely new to the community but I’d like to suggest some additions to the Witcher 3 wild hunt trainer such as Inf. carrying capacity and teleport. Aside from that I think the trainer works well and I really appreciate how user friendly everything is keep up the good work. =)


@STN, hi can you explain how the money cheat works for the witcher 3 trainer. And my version of the game is v1.31


Your money won’t decrease


Anyway to increase the money to 999999 or do you have to do something ingame to get that, just wondering


STN, I just wanted to say thanks to you and the people that make these mods happen. It is a pretty thankless job all the way around. Keep up the good work!

Oh, and fix your trainer already! (Sorry, had to throw that in!)




First time commenting on one of your trainer chats STN. Just wonted to say thanks man I think I got every game you’ve made a trainer for. and they all work perfectly. keep up the good work. thanks again you’ve brought life back to games I thought id never touch again


Just wondering. Is it possible to add unlimited weight like some other trainers have? Prefer to use infinity :slight_smile:

Edit: Durability doesn’t work. Unlimited gold sort of works. You can’t spend any more than you got. And if you buy something that’s close to what you have, then you loose all your gold. Like I just lost 3000. Steam version btw


Hello and great work on the trainer!

I would love to see the ability to move one hour forward and backwards in the game, with the push of a button (no slider)


First, I would love to say that STN, you are doing a fabulous job. you pretty much stay on top of things, and your work is great. Second…and here it comes…lmao. My unlimited Durability is not working. I have Ver. 1.31 Steam and all its DLC.


Does it not stay on?


my game crashes when i try to use any of the stat editor cheats like infinite skills or add xp, GOG GOTY edition with both expansions, version 1.31