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The Witcher 3 Cheats and Trainer for Steam


It shows that it is activated in the cheat menu, however the durability of my items keeps going down and I have to continue to fix them. Its no big deal…since I have an unlimited supply up the tools.


This trainer only supports steam version.

I’ll check out durability


Thx. And like I said. Its no biggie, its only a pain when you are in a big battle with a boss and your durrability goes down to almost nothing and your damage reflects off of it and takes forever…lol.


everything works on my GOG version except infinite skills and and xp.


I’m sure this has been addressed before, but I’m not sure the unlimited money cheat is working. I turned it on, and I repaired some equipment which didn’t decrease my money, but as soon as i bought something, my money went down to zero and now I can’t buy anything else. Thanks in advance!


I’ve noticed that to about the money, what I’ve discovered is that so long as what your buying doesn’t equal what you have it’s infinite. The items like runes and glyphs work similarly.


I have never had an issue with money, or any of the other cheats that is on there, except for the durability…which is still not working.


ok im having trouble getting the cheats to work because when ever i start the game with the infinity app it started to say that my version of the game is not compatible or that i can start it at another point in my game but it does not work and its up to date i hope that i can play with it


Does this trainer still work?


Yep works for me… Just remember to turn off all anti-viruses and turn off windows security before running wemod and make sure its the correct exe…


Alright, i’ve been using the trainer and it’s pretty good. Only issue is the last 2 options, add xp and infinite skill points, makes my client crash.


Me too :frowning:


Can i get help please my infinite skills points and XP wont work it crashes the game and yeah gold works but durability doesnt i like to play the game but im cheating in it because it has hard enemies so i need the better swords but alll i hope is that u can fix the XP things its crashing the game and when entering back it doesnt count that in


Get steam version


There has been an update for the witcher 3 can you please update your mods so they work properly thank you


yeah, an update would be wonderful, the xp cheat andthe skill points don’t work, game crashes right away.


and I have the steam version of the game, it doesn’t work


vote for one


Sigh. Why are you guys allergic to Version Guard.

It’s annoying as hell to keep updating games forever.


sorry about that ill put version guard on i just got we mod and didn’t know. You’re amazing STN.