The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I’m having the same issue. Only easy crafting and always win gwent will activate. The rest turn off as soon as I try to turn them on.

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Hope this will updated soon for ver 4.04

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Hello, I have the same problem, in 98% the mods don’t work (for this game) in this situation it makes me activate it and it automatically deactivates.

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Same here nothing works for me all turn off after being enabled. Looking at the past post there has been issues for months for this game and no hope for a update.

Edit, I was able to get this to work in DirectX 12. Nothing was working in 11.

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Hi I am stuck at Redania most wanted quest, when I get the 2 items from the Triss cell, no portal opens to me, I tried teleporting and it’s not working!!! It’s my only hope of not losing my entire game!

All the cheats are working except for the ones for the Player which are the ones I actually need to work properly. I have no idea how to get them to work. Anyone have any idea how to get them to work because I can’t play the game other. I’m not talented enough to play without the unlimited health cheat.

Any chance of an update to work with 4.04?

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the unlimited items cheat doesnt work and has bugged some lootable items to 9999x :pensive: this means I cant pick up many quest items as i cant drop the unneeded ones

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How do teleport works? I can’t teleport even though I am doing what the sign says. Is it working for you?

I don’t think so i’ve had that issue since I started trying to use this tool awhile back and i haven’t even seen a post from someone who knows for sure why its happening.:smiling_face_with_tear:

So, this trainer used to work but now only if using the Dx12 version. Seriously? Thanks for having no consideration for those gamers with older systems that can ONLY handle Dx11. Time for an update!

For some reason, using the trainer causes some items throughout the game to have a quantity of 9999 even with Unlimited Items disabled. This crashes the game when you try to pick them up and it is persistent even after closing WeMod. I had to go back to an older save before the first time I used it…

Same issue

Yup. This has been an issue for months, including the “having to go back to earlier saves” thing. If you scroll up through this chat, you’ll see. Doesn’t seem to be a fix for it.

Anyone else having trouble with “Add Exp” and “Add 10 Skill Points”? I can’t get it to work.

I’m running DX12 and I don’t have the inventory open when I use it. I don’t even pause the game.

¿Por qué jugando en dx12, no me deja usar ni la mitad de los trucos? Y, como no, el problema de los objetos a 999999. ¿No tienen pensado arreglar este mod? Lleva sin actualizarse desde mayo del 2023 a pesar de las múltiples quejas. No sois baratos, otros cobran casi lo mismo que por vosotros una vez para siempre, mientras que vosotros pasáis de las personas que os pagan año a año. Va a haber que empezar a replantearse cosas.