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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam


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Hi, I downloaded this a few days ago and it’s working wonders, has gotten me everything I needed and provided plenty of fun. Quick question though, what is the point of silent if the animals can hear me? Like legit curious, is this not what it does?


@STN - I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong here, but these cheats don’t work for me (I haven’t tried the others):

  • Unlimited Skill Points
  • Unlimited Perk Points
  • Level Up
  • Game Speed

PC, using Steam
Game Version: 1457551 / Patch 1.21

WeMod Infinity says that “Your Game Version” is June 19 and that “No supported trainers available”, but in this chat, it looks like you updated the trainer on June 13. Do the cheats not work because my game version has been updated and isn’t compatible with your trainer data anymore? Why no VersionGuard for this game?

Thanks for the help!


Considering how much this game updates, I wouldn’t be surprised if the game devs ■■■■■■ you over.

You enable versionguard. VG isn’t something that I can enable. If you miss out and let the game update without enabling VG, there’s no way to get it back because VG stores on your PC not some server.


You enable versionguard.

I have enabled it, but it doesn’t show up for this game. (i.e. No VG shield icon with cheat options shows up in Infinity when I have this game selected.) Sounds like maybe this is an Infinity issue then. Thanks for the clarification.


Check if the version guard service is running on your system. If you had it enabled before the update happened you should have the option to use the older version of the game


Look in settings, enable for all games. You can also enable for individual games. It’s not an issue, you would be the first one i guess


Check if the version guard service is running on your system.

I think that it is. It shows up for some games (shield icon when game is selected), but not for all. Definitely not for this title.
Under Settings > VersionGuard, the only option I have is to uninstall VG. Guessing that means that I have it installed/enabled?

Look in settings, enable for all games.

Right, I remember doing this as soon as VG was available.
Maybe my install of Infinity is messed up. Going to try uninstalling and reinstalling.


Maybe my install of Infinity is messed up. Going to try uninstalling and reinstalling.

Nope, that didn’t help. :frowning:


Take a screenshot of the settings page? You should have an option to enable it for all games.


Settings > General
Settings > Version Guard


Your version guard service is not running.


Probably deleted by your antivirus :woman_shrugging:


Gahhh, that was not obvious to me, but at least now I know. Thanks everyone!


Awesome!!! but please make a rifle xp gain option and for bow shotgun and pistol to!


Will this trainer be updated again? I only got the game a couple of days ago so only got the latest version even with VG active


Update why? This trainer is already up to date


Just that it says no supported trainers and the silent player option doesn’t work, thought it may have been due to the latest patch released on 20th june?