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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam


hey can u add weapon score cheats. that would be awesome


Is it just me or does the freeze animal cheat not work on the new geese


Please add the weapon score cheats for Rifle, Shotgun, pistol, and Bow. I know the cheat is possible.


Would be nice to see nospread for this game. Ive always been bad at predicting bullet travel.


nvr worked on birds they wernt really something people shot at


Can you please add a Level Down option? I used level up a couple times but it didn’t give me perk/skill points so now I want to go back down to where I was at. Also maybe a Remove Ammo option so I don’t have 999 anymore?


how do you set trainer to work on thehunter i cant seem to get mine to launch


Launch game yourself then attach infinity


Weapon score/exp cheat please <3


hey :slight_smile: im not sure why but i can’t set any of the cheats “on”. don’t know why ^^


You have to click the play button first


thank you buddy :smiley:


What does the “game speed” cheat actually do? Time passes faster? You walk faster? Other? I don’t want to activate it and then have it damage something permanently (like activated the unlimited ammo and now that ammo is bugged).

Lovely trainer btw!


Changes game speed


Hey, @STN, is there any chance you could include jump boost and fly cheats? Excellent work! Thanks!


Great trainer, I don’t have many issues except for with the Silent cheat (doesn’t seem to make a difference as far as I can tell) and the Freeze Animals, not sure if it’s a bug with the trainer or not but the animals seem to teleport after being frozen for a certain length of time(?). Not entirely sure if that’s just how that cheat works or not, would be great to know.

Thanks for your hard work! :slight_smile:


Hi! The game devs have obviously pumped out a patch and updated the version because none of the cheats work and the app says it maybe can’t handle the version. Patch please!!
Excellent work, man. Just consider jump boost and fly cheats!!


Update please guys


All of the cheats work after the update.

@Mackcrws Everything still works.


I’m taking it the silent option does not work? at least the ingame noise indicator saids no when the option is turned on… not to mention you can clearly hear the loud noises you still make

also…i like to ask if a esp option would be possible? yes i know…some folks prob wouldn’t won’t that… i kinda do.