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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Hey I would really appreciate if you added a ESP/Wallhack to it, so you can more or less casually play but see where the animals are walking around and stuff. (Also is there a way to contribute to the code myself?)


Hey I can’t use the trainer because my game runs in 32 bit instead of 64 bit and I don’t now why.


Do you have a 32bit OS by any chance?


no I have win 10 64bit version


No idea then. Figure out why or contact the game devs?


Can we get an update for the 1.25 patch please need it bad got a group of friends waiting for an update so we can play the modded game together. The sooner the better thanks


The cheats work on the newest version.


it does not work for me it show that there is no versions that support the game which is the newest version 28 September


Just use the version that it shows and simply press play


iit does not work on newest version
it work like 5 days ago but now it does not work


Hi, the September 26 version is not supported. Please update!


The cheats work on the newest update. Just use the most current version of the cheats.


I am using the 10/8 version of the game and cheats and the silent cheat code will not remain in the on position.


works great but needs XP gain, Rifle xp gain, Handgun xp gain, Shotgun xp gain and bow xp gain.


hey there,
everything’s working fine but one thing, the silent option is not working, everytime you try to activate it, it’ll jump from “on” to “off”
but good job on the rest


My silent button isnt working either


Apparently, none of options are working with current version (1566981) :frowning:


Slient doesn’t work. What do i do?


any ETA on an update?


No ETA’s are given