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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam


So probably within the next couple of weeks.


hopfully soon i will be done i only use on call of the wild mostly


@STN hey i see that u updated the mod which is great but the freeze animals also freezes you. is that ment to happen cause it makes it weird


Having the same issue, the freeze animals also freezes the activating player, but no one else.


@STN hey could u maybe add a new cheat that hides all visability as well as sound and maybe something that shows where all the animals are ? is that possible know its alot to ask. if not maybe just sorta fix the freeze so we can ran around killing animals that cant move but we can thanks


Finally an update! Thank you so much so far.
And yes, the freeze cheat freezes me, instead of just the ATV and animals, which is kind of annoying. But hey, at least I can use it to stop all the bufallos from killing me again and again and again. Man, these cows are angry…


will their possibly be another option for freezing animals


im trying to duel window 2 accounts just have 1 account as the freezer mod and other one go kill


freeze animals has been removed i assume due to bugs u probably dont need freeze animals if u create a hide all sound and visibility cheat so u can just roam and be point blank if thats simpler just sorta like a ghost killing all the animals


did he just remove it cause i was getting it to work this morning now i cant


the silent doesnt work for me and i was wondering if invisibility could be a option


silent works all it does is makes it so they cant hear you come up on them if they see u or smell u they will still run freeze animals is what made this trainer worth it


I agree. The “Freeze” cheat for COTW was the thing that brought me to wemod in the first place.


yeh but it made u have to stay in place to which is hardly worth it i mean bring it back but it make sure it doesnt freeze u as well or make a cheat where the animals cant even tell you are there so no smell noise or sight


i say reactivate it cause i was doing just fine riding aroud on atv hitting freeze and killing them @STN


STN is going to work on getting it to work properly.


Sweet deal


Are you sure silent works? The audio meter still goes up and down and the cheat doesn’t stay turned on for me when I activate it (the rest do).


Get steam version.


I’m running the current Steam version. I only buy games through Steam. The freeze animals doesn’t do anything (not even freeze me like others have mentioned). I also noticed that the unlimited ammo and skill points don’t seem to do anything, either. Basically, none of the cheats work on this game. Have no issues on most other games, even when version doesn’t match.