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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Will everything work again? Or still just the freeze animals?


Well, i pushed the update to break every cheat…i might have failed to do that.


Yeah, the only one that works still is the freeze animals. Thank you though!


Get latest steam version


I don’t understand what you mean by that…
Why would you update it to break the cheats?


Got it!! Thank you sooo much


I think he meant break the game, as in make them work again.


create a cheat invisibility please…


I’ve downloaded and installed the app and mod but Infinity constantly shows the ‘loading’ little animation after I’ve started the game. I waited for about ten minutes for it to try and load the mods but it didn’t. After I exited the game it gave me the notification that it couldn’t load the mods and to try again. I added the whole program and it’s files to my antivirus whitelist and tried running as an administrator. I can’t get them to work.
Any easy fix to this?


Update: Got it to work but a few cheats don’t work as many others have already said. I’ll keep checking back for updates on this and hopefully they will be fixed soon. Keep up the good work!


Get steam version


Well my dowload load to 76% and … it stuck 1 min after failed to dowload :(( HELP!


Disable your antivirus? If the problem continues, make a new thread since it’s not related to this trainer.


there are 1 more thing when I use Freeze animal I come close and click shoot boom Crash or if I Stand far and shoot it will keep running and never gone to die LOL!


I want to address some bugs I found during a hunting session.
The animal-freezer works for any animal but bisons.
The freezer also does not freeze animals entirely as when you scare the animal it kinda forces its way out the freeze and teleports around in a lag-like motion.
I dont know if these bugs are fixable but it would be nice if they were.


plz and Wall hack


A wall hack? for a hunting game? wtf?


Meh game is easy enough as it is with freeze animals cheat alone.


Is it possible to add that I can choose how much money I can give to my self?


Level up grants the level, but no skill or perks?

I suffered from the game crash bug which wiped my save file. just trying to get back to same level i was.

Are you able to add Rifle/bow/pistol/shotgun xp?