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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Use skill and perk point cheats?


Exp isn’t the same. therefore I may as well level from 0 if i want to progress from that level…


To Clarify. Why isn’t it granting the EXP with the +levels? I am level 19 with 0 exp.



  1. is there a fix for the moving animals when freeze is activated? the " like a lag move"
    and how far the freeze work, i use it on multiplayer and dont wanna freeze for all people smiley

  2. freeze animals does freeze the ATV too, fix please.

  3. SILENT isnt working? everytime it says “a animal has hear you bla bla” … so i think silent isnt working. please fix this its soooo important

good work so far please optimize it a bit :wink:


Why are you using it online? I hope you get banned


nope. i dont get banned. no anticheat… no competition… so the game doesnt care.

but why you dont answer one single question or one of the points i tell you?

  1. ?
  2. ?
  3. ?

and stfu dont troll around :smiley:

you code trainers and people use it. thats not the point. online and offline are the same ■■■■.

we need silent hunter! or at least fix that freeze animals please :wink:


Yeah stn, shut the ■■■■ up and do as you are told you troll, no one gives a ■■■■ about your opinion. /s


Stfu stn ?? Wow looks like he ain’t gonna fix this one haha
Ya he is such a troll too lol


i think he got much humour for this :smiley: i dont even be serious, i dont play in multiplayer with this, but i just ask to know it.

so i hope he fix this points and then its very well :slight_smile:

i think SILENT and Freeze should be fixed and its good for all



yeah so i have all the cheats working except the Silent hack which isnt working in the slightest.
and also the freeze animals also freezes ATV which sucks! would be epic if you could road hunt.


it wont let me toogle anything on.


Is there a checkmark next to Play?


okay so as of 12/8/2017 this trainer is still working if you launch game from Infinity but the level up option isnt working.

from what i can tell is the Freeze Animals works only if they are within around 450 feet and they can still skip while running so time your shots.

AND the silent option is actually the INVISIBLE option so something wrong but yet right lol.
but seriously the game has your hunter so DAMN LOUD the Silent feature please fix it soon.

keep up the good work and i love this community


open steam but lauch the game from Infinity.
also make sure the game location folder is found and the proper link is accurate.


Hello, this my first time trying a trainer. i can not seem to get anything to toggle on.
i dont know if i did something wrtong or if it is just broken.
only thing i can think of is my steam is on my e drive rather than my c drive(i dont know if this makes a difference)
any help would be great.


Do you get a checkmark next to Play?


no checkmark but i get a ding when i launch game from trainer


Then trainer isn’t injected. Click on Play


it seems that my anti virus was not wanting to let me add exception. i have solve it thank you for your time.


Unlimited health or silent does not work for me, any fixes?


Steam version?