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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam




Ugh, the game must have updated again. Which other cheats have stopped working?


The Silent cheat won’t work

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is there any way to remove all the money and skill points? i just tried the cheat, and want to remove all my money so i can play for real again :slight_smile:


I doubt it probably have to start a new game cuz its all saved , unless you made a save before using the trainer


The silent cheat…the visibility is gone but the noise still persist~


Confirmed, the visibility is gone, but the noise still alerts everything.


You may be able to use cheat engine to change your money and possibly the skill points.


Hello STN,

this trainer is amazing. i was wondering if maybe you could help me out though. i just received my PC after moving.

A couplt of months ago the trainer worked perfectly fine for Call of The Wild… for some reason now when i press the play button from the trainer and the game loads, it does not insert into the game. it just constantly has the revolving arrow. no check mark saying that the trainer has loaded.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you again.


Spam the key? Run the game then attach infinity.

Also make sure you’re not downloading something in background as infinity fails to download the trainer sometimes when the internet speed is slow.

Disable your antivirus/add infinity to its exception list


Yeah I got the same issue, the ATV do not work when infinity is running at all.

Need to turn off the whole infinity trainer to get the ATV working, I don`t know if it is a workaround this problem.

Otherwise it works fluently the whole trainer :slight_smile:


It’s the freeze animals cheat.


Yeah, but even with that turned off the ATV still don`t work, even if it is deactivated, I need to shut down the whole infinity to get the ATV working again.




Yeah it is, and I have no idea how to walk around it that I do not need to shut down the whole Infinity Program…:confused:


Try toggling each cheat off and see which one is causing it?.

Infinity does nothing upon injecting so it would be really really weird if game just bugs out with infinity injecting.


I have tried, toggled it on and off the ATV don`t work at all, need to turn off the whole infinity program for it to work…:confused:


i love the cheats, i got into infinity through wanting cheats for the hunter, BUT this cheat is missing several cheats to have everything in the game, in the game to buy different items you need gun/item points for each gun/item and without those points you cant buy guns or items in the game, so its kinda useless to have 999,999 in money if you cant buy anything with it. this mod REALLY needs unlimited gun/item points. please please please read this and add the points, the mod is useless with out those points.


Agreed, and would like to see something done about the gun sway if at all possible