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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer for Steam


Next week


the hunter need speed or tp in game pls.


can you add speed and jump boost pls.


I cant seem to get the unlimited money and stats to work, idk if I have to use them in a solo game but I use the mods when playing a custom multiplayer game


This trainer isn’t for online


Hello how to use a Level up hack?


I don’t think it works anymore


But other mods still working


silent freeze animals and unlimited ammo are the working ones


hey man, just want to know when you will update the trainer? thanks!!


After exams

The hunter call of the wild

Hey the XP and the Money Cheat doesnt work for me can you help?


That’s normal the trainer needs an update… You can wait for the update or use cheat engine


Some kind of cheat that removes the aiming wobble would be REALLY helpful. Its default behavior is too aggressive in all shooting positions and makes the game way more frustrating. Thanks!


i have infinite arrows for my bows haha i love it!! still waiting for the max lvl and max perks to work but so far its great!!!


Hello STN i am a new member and am trying the trainer out first time today, ive seen in recent comments you plan to update soon now as of writing this may 25 2018, the only cheats that dont work for me are the perks, level up and money, everything else works just fine. could be out of date infinity? or something else, my game was updated recently incase you needed to know


It’s the game update. I will update the trainer asap (busy with other games)


Ok I figured it was something like that, no rush though man, your busy besides the freeze animals one basically bypases all that, bagged a lot of trophies in just a few hours of gameplay


Hi there STN, I was just wondering when trainer would be updated by you. I have some spare time this weekend and would love to use it :slight_smile: thanks!


The theHunter: Call of the Wild cheats have been updated!


  • Game Speed cheat added

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!