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theHunter: Call of the Wild Cheats and Trainer


Just wondering do you have to start a new saved game for them to work or should it work on a saved game?


Sorry my bad, Unlimited Ammo, freeze and silent work all others don’t.


Could be because of a game update.
@STN has currently a lot to do so there’s you can do but wait


Unlimited money, skill points, perk points and level up doesnt work


Non of the Cheats worked, but the Ammo one, it worked once and now it doesn’t work anymore,
Just Wanna know if its gonna get Updated Soon!


Try uninstalling Infinity 3 and reinstalling it. Let me know if that works.


Freeze animals and level up works… but can’t get anything else


All cheats work except for unlimited ammo, no reload and silent. When I toggle them they just instantly go back to disabled.


Same here Ammo No Reload & Silent, Only shows No Reload at the moment


game updated today June-22-2017 - patch 1.9.1

Health, silent, reload, ammo not working. health switches on, but doesn’t work, the other directly go back to off position when activated.

freeze animals does work. But with the new dlc atv vehicles, it freezes the atv as well. Not sure if that can be changed, but would be nice to drive while animals are frozen.

The other options i didn’t test because i don’t want to use them, because the game only auto saves and there is no way to reverse it.

I also reinstalled infinity since you mentioned that a few post back, but doesn’t fix the issue.


hi I need some help, none of the switches are activating when I try to


try running infinity as administrator


Unlimited Ammo doesn’t work for arrows and the ON/OFF button wont stay ON.

Note: It works for Rifle bullets even though the ON/OFF button doesn’t stay ON.


Silent not working. Any fix? Tried admin infinity but still not working.


indeed the trainer needs an update, if you check this To-Do list of the trainer maker you can see Call of the Wild, so he will update it.


Nice, ty


Silent, Unlimited ammo, and No Reload are not working.


Read the post above yours.


Just installed infinity now i cant even open my game without it crashing any info?