TheLittleGnome A.K.A ME!


I am TheLittleGnome or Harry,

I am going to keep this short.
I am a programmer for the government of the U.K
I am a pretty chill dude with some seriously ■■■■■■ up mental problems.
I believe in complete honesty.
I’m up for helping or assisting anyone.
I stream daily on twitch.
I’m up for anything. xD

That’s me!!!

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Welcome Little Gnome! You sound like my kind of person. Stay active on the forums bro!

I’m always on them bruh XD

PM be your nuclear tea launch codes.

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Welcome to the forum @TheLittleGnome, enjoy your stay.

Guess you have the nuclear snus launch codes then @sNaKe?
I really need them right now

Nah, we just have buskis. We use it to make our enemies kill themselfs.

I would but then I’d have to kill you. With a teabag? or something British XD

You wont find anything more stereotypical British.

Thats not allowed.

ye bruh XD