Themed Monthly Mystery Box for fans of games?

Has any one signed up to these Monthly Geek and Gamer Subscription Box things?? I’ve heard of LOOTCRATE but i live in the UK & there in the US i think? plus i dont really want to sign up to a subscription for 3 months and not like the box.

If any one is currently subscribed to lootcrate can you let me know what’s it like? :thumbsup:

There is another company in the UK that do this box thing and its called “Zavvi” - they have a retro box live at the minute what looks pretty cool - the good thing is aswell they dont do a subscription - one off payment, so i might get this instead!

Retro ZBOX

Let me know your thoughts!

LootCrate is garbage. So you pay like I think $20 a month not mentioning the discount code that makes the YouTuber money, for a 10% discount. So after paying $20 or so you get absolute garbage at the end of the month that you could of bought for less than the actual box it gets shipped in costs.

In my opinion they are a waste of money.