There is a problem with your card

I’m trying to purchase wemod all the way from India. Whenever I use my card to purchase a subscription, it says There is a Problem with your card. I get the OTP for confirming the payment from my bank and everything, but still it shows the same message whenever I try to buy a subscription.

Please help someone.

Nevermind I subscribed though Google Pay

Hello and thank you for reaching out! And thank you for going Pro to support WeMod’s development and maintenance, it’s hugely appreciated! :beers:

Glad to hear the issue was resolved.

For future reference, though, all queries related to payment issues should be sent to the support team via email - - purely for protecting your privacy, as payments involve personal information.

Some types of debit or credit cards, typically but not necessarily always Electron cards, do not allow people to purchase subscriptions online with them. This sort of restriction would have been placed on the card by the bank or card issuer, so it’s something you’d need to take up with them.

Prepaid cards also cannot be used online or to purchase subscriptions normally (many physical retailers also reject them), as they are too easily/commonly used to commit fraud, like money laundering.

Thank you again for going Pro and have an awesome weekend! :smiley: