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They Are Billions Cheats and Trainer for Steam


You know what time it is and i have sadly, another life (called real life) so won’t be available much until New years. I hope you can understand @jay90hayden


LEL <3 hope you have a great weekend i love the work youve done thank you for taking time to make us these trainers


Yeah course i understand, i gave it 5 mins into a game and everything is unlimited except resources so looking forward to when you patch it! hope you had a nice Christmas!


the cheats dont work anymore :frowning: have be try to download the cheat 2 times nothing is happening :frowning:


Read some posts above yours please


i know all ready read all at but for like 4 days ago the cheats was fine now nothing works so fort at some one was making a troll or something like at


Well it’s obvious that you didn’t read them.
otherwise you would know why it’s not working


when will cheats works again ??becouse i cant use it its all on off


the game is being updated multiple times in a month/week/day, it basically in beta (early access), sometimes the cheats will work until a new update comes out then they wont.


People have lives, give it time, the game is in EA and is constantly updated…


Hey dude. Thank you for the trainer, will be waiting for the updated version. Happy New Years!


I see your name on sooooo many titles, thanks for your hard work!

Any chance of an infinite health for those of us who just like to see the carnage without risk? (After the holidays of course :smiley: )


Other than the fact that the game is constantly updating, making the trainer not work, this is a great idea! I’ve always wanted a sandbox mode for this game and this trainer allows for just that! I’m pretty happy that I found out about this trainer since the game is still relatively new. I look forward to the updates to this trainer in the future (hopefully they work better once the game enters alpha)! Happy New Year’s, take all the time that you need. Much love :heart:


Needs to be updated


please read what has been happening pls pls pls


Hey I get that the people making the cheats are busy and have a life, but maybe if the engine isn’t up to date with the game than it shouldn’t be featured on the Infinity home page. I love the infinity tool and I haven’t had any problems with it. I have patience that it will work, and I understand the problem with the frequent EA updating with the game right now, but I bought this game because I saw it being featured by infinity. I’m not trying to talk trash or anything, I love infinity and for anybody working to help put these cheats on my pc, I am nothing but grateful. So keep up the good work, I’m jacked to use infinity for this game when I can, but maybe don’t feature this game on the engine


The They Are Billions cheats have been updated!


  • Bug fixes and game compatibility improvements

Please post in this topic if you run into any issues!


STN had a working cheat for quite some time, it’s just the fact the game is updates so often, that he cannot follow with an update as well. I mean to be honest, there is no point if the game updates every few hours, as by the time you update the cheats, the game will update again. Let him be, he has done more than enough.


Thank you for the update


Thanks for the update!