Thinking about changing my gamertag and user id

So after 10 years of having the same gamertag, I am thinking about changing my GT and my username. Anyone have any suggestions?


Can you give us an Idea of what you are thinking about now? Maybe then we can think of something. I don’t know what your interests are so it’s kinda hard to think of a gamertag.

Well it is kind of hard to explain. I have a lot of interests, for example, I am fond of the names neko, dragneel, and Gajeel, but at the same time, I want to keep the UGA in my name as it has a sentimental value to me and a few close friends of mine. Like I said, very hard to explain.

UGA Gajeelarhorn

Lol. Nice, but it wont fit.

Aren’t gamertags up to 16 characters?

Though UGA Gjallarhorn is available as a gamertag.

15 including spaces.

TJ Laser

“UGA News Report”


“UGA Dragneelko”

Yup, real ****ty suggestions

I also like Avenged Sevenfold. I dont want to keep the UGA anymore because its a disbanded clan. I just kept the UGA because I wanted to start it back up sometime and go to the MLG’s like I used to do. Right now only a few of my friends keep the tag as hoping for that.

As it stands you have a pretty decent GT & user name, what exactly it means or stands for IDK, but it’s still damn solid. People obviously know you by that title on Live, and on here of course. If you went and changed it to something like Mystery_Man_1, Purple Killah or W0rst Nyghtmere, it would be a downgrade in my opinion, not that you would change it to something corny like that, just saying. If I can think up something slick I will update this post, but most likely anything slick has already been taken.

UGA Phoenix Mk3 is now known as A7X Phoenix Mk1. A7X Phoenix was taken unfortunately.

Ah, I was about to suggest “JimBobTheCorncob”

And now my user id has been changed to just Phoenix in part thanks to Chris.

Nice OG name. I noticed you changed it on xbox as well.