Thinking about replacing the speakers in my car, need advice

I currently drive a 2000 Honda Civic Si. The stock audio in it isn’t bad, but its far from good. I want to replace the factory speakers with something that’s rather cheap and that is going to be able to drive my music much more crisp and clear, with some bass because what I have now, any bass distorts everything so horrible.

I know my car takes 6.5" in the front doors, and 6x9" in the back. I also know that adding a sub could solve my bass problem, but for that I would need an amp, sub, and sub-box which is around $500 for decent setups.

I was just looking for advice on what I should do, or if I should just keep the audio stock for now?

Define ‘rather cheap’.

I would start by replacing your deck with something that has USB, AUX in, and Bluetooth connectivity, that’s pretty much a must have these days for guys like us. Maybe This, or something similar that has decent wattage output. Then find some decent 6x9"s. That would get you started, and should only cost around $300 total. From there you could probably get some 6.5"s, a 12" sub in a single enclosure & an amp rated at around 200-500 watts for another $350-500. In all you should be able to put together a decent system for under $1000 USD, including all wiring and extra stuff needed to complete the install, if you shop around and install it all yourself. I’ve put some pretty sweet systems in some of my older vehicles for much less than car stereo shops quoted me, the trick is doing it yourself and buying your stuff online.

I’m not going to post non-sense about how the majority of others are going to… but wattage means nothing.

Do you want to set up a good sound system, or toss **** together and “have bass”? Having bass is a cheap solution, and you can go around blasting it everywhere for fun and being happy for cheap.

Want to blast your music loud, and hear excellent quality and not have it “muffled” or distorted in any way? This is where it gets fun. Do you want separate amps powering your speakers to get full output? Do you just want the speakers to run off of your head unit? I truly recommend the top selection of the Clarion selection, which I believe should still be the "Q"s. I had a pair of 6x9s powered by an amp, plus front speakers also powered by the same amp, and the sound was unbelievable. I had a cheap ass bass in the back, but I could crank the music to be full blown and not have a spec of distortion. The top model Clarions are basically “Competition” brand.

If you have a budget, and what you want to do, let me know and I’ll see what I can pull up for you. Look for 3-ways, though, if you go ahead looking for speakers. Trust me.

Basically this. Budget I’m not 100% on yet because I have a ****ty Alpine CDE-101 or something similar. Cheap $100 deck that the AUX is broken on so I’d probably have to get a single din deck as well but that can always come later.

If I had to say, $500 right now? Without a sub since that can always be added at a later date. I don’t blast the music through my car though, I just want good, clear audio when I’m listening to music.

Good Clarion speakers run from 80-200$ a pair depending where you live. I spent 200ish for each pair of my speakers I got. A decent headunit is usually around the same, specifically if you don’t care about nav/all that fancy big screen ****.

If you just want to run a decent head unit you like, get a 4 channel amp and hook the 2 pairs of speakers. If you just want to have 6x9s hooked to an amp, get a 1-2 channel amp and have fun with the clarion SRQs. Run the SRQ front door speakers to head unit. 1-2 channel amp connected to your 2 6x9s.

I just put 4 new Rockford Fosgate speakers in my new truck (T1572). I also have an Alpine Type 12R under the seat powered by 1200W Rockford Amp and I couldn’t be happier. I only have around $450 invested.

403 man. Visions all day over here.