This app was a wast of time

I was expecting this to be good and a quick process but then I realized that I had to pay to use it. It was a real disappointment and annoying. If you want to get this app you have to pay $70 a year. what a waste of money

Hahaha. Nope sorry you are wrong it is absolutely free. You only have to pay to be pro.
I have been using this for 3 years and having a blast.
I bought pro as soon as i tried it because it actually worked. And love using my phone for the app

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WeMod is completely free to use with hotkeys. Pro is only required if you wish to use the interactive controls(sliders, buttons, etc.) or the remote.

It’s completely free. Have you even tried a game?

Another “I am the customer; don’t have time to properly test it; I want a trainer to work nao for the money I paid” reply. Pfft. I’m glad though there’s fewer and fewer such remarks. Which means the bad apples don’t really tamper the good ones :slight_smile:

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