This "game" sucks balls

Well, IW have really messed up this time.


Well, here is a list.

  1. Damage System is diabolical.
  2. All the guns are complete trash.
  3. The maps are FAR to big for a CoD game.
  4. So many buildings/gaps for people to camp in.
  5. Kill streaks are terrible.
  6. I can still be shot round corners? Dafuq. Bring on the dedicated servers.
  7. I went full ret*rd and paid for a game that is in no way deserving of my money.
  8. I could go on and on, but I won’t.

What do you guys think about the so called “game”?

The game is only going to get wore’s but i may pick up the game pre owned so if i dont like it i can get my money back.

Yup, I fall for their ploys every year.
I am taking mine back in a few hours. Gonna scratch the disc.

I’ve liked every CoD up until this one. It’s quite sad :anguished:

lol I knew the game was going to be bad. But like always i get because of my friends tell me too.

Game was bound to be ***** ehh

Indeed. When I played it on System link, it was totally different.
So much changes when it comes down to connection.

Agreed, the game sucks, I haven’t liked their games since Cod 4 and one of the Mw ones. Luckily I didn’t buy it, only hired :stuck_out_tongue:

The maps are the biggest deterrent. They have no flow to them and provide too many opportunities for people to shoot you in the back. The spawn system is also the worst of all CoD games apparently. Other than that, I like the newer mechanics like reload animations and vaulting over walls. Not sure if I’m going to pick it up just yet, I’ll wait for some honest assessments.

Worst reviewed Call of Duty to date

From the get-go I wasn’t planning on getting Ghost because something inside me told me to hold off on pre-ordering/purchasing (probably the fact that game was being made by Infinity Ward and the last good Call of Duty they made was CoD4) so instead I tried to watch as many Streams of it to make sure that is truly isn’t worth getting and well; I feel as if I made the right choice! Being serious, the game just reminds me too much of MW3 which I didn’t get because that game looked/ended up playing like utter ****.

In the end, I’m very glad I haven’t missed much when it comes to Ghost or BF4 (different topic) and so I can stay with GTA. Lol

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I am so happy i bought BF4 and not cod.

This game literally made my d*** fall off, Time to go back to the bike life.

The ranking system seems a little messed up it takes about 50 games to get out of the first 10 levels.

Im not getting this, i maybe play it on my Xkey but i wont buy it!

They add aliens to game.They make game sci-fi! I can buy dead space if i want to fight against ALIENS OR HALO! **** THIS GAME

is this the end for cod!!
or is it the start of a new lease of life [details=Open Me]Farkin aliens[/details]

Getting shot around corners for me is a really big problem. Black ops 2 was terrible for this and Ghosts is no better. I will spend £10 to upgrade to the Xbox one version in hope that the dedicated servers fix this but if not then i won’t be playing this anymore.

I can safely say I’m glad this is the first CoD I haven’t bought in a long time. I was really getting tired of the same thing every year. I knew the spawn system would be terrible since it has been for a long time. If they focused on making a good game and took there time I think it would turn out a lot better. Now we just need the fan boys to stop buying it so much.

They should throw in some toilet paper to go with the **** they release.