This guy needs a good laptop

I destroyed my last laptop in a tragic yet hilarious episode last semester. I’ve been working ever since and I’m looking to get a new laptop but like most other college students, I’m not bathing in bills every night.

But I do have a fair budget, ~$650 would be ideal, but I’d go up to $800.

What requirements do I need? Well, I need to be able to run Visual Studio no problem, that’s probably the most taxing application I’d need. No Adobe applications, no Sony Vegas, none of that. I’d also like to have Nvidia graphics instead of crap integrated Intel graphics so I can play some PC games, but I’m not going to be playing like Battlefield or anything.

What do you recommend?

Obviously you wont be playing games on ultra settings but you could play newer games at lower settings with this. Also it would be perfect for what you are wanting to do.

Hope that helps. Has a SSD too.