This monitor. Oh god what have I done

I can’t believe I own this finally. I know theirs an IPS one coming out soon, but this is plenty for me. Going to miss my 2 120+Hz monitors though…

What’s so good about this monitor?

First 2560x1440p monitor with G-Sync and 144Hz. Took Asus a long ass time to come out with it because no screen manufacturer could produce a screen of the quality they wanted it at so Asus made the panel and everything.

How much was it?

Uhh. Depends. In Canada they’re retailing for $949.99

Jesus, it’s over £500 quid.

I just seen it doesn’t use HDMI? How does it connect to your GPU?

It uses DisplayPort! I believe Cheater owns one of these.

See id get something like this but with nvidias dpr mode theirs honestly no point when it can put 2k on my 1080p monitor at 60fps which is good enough for me :smile:!

Tried that and it always looked like ****. It was always blurry so **** it.

Hate to burst your bubble but that isn’t true at all. We’ve had 1440p ISP 120-144Hz monitors for a few years now, way before Asus came out with one. Asus makes nice monitors but not worth it considering you can get the 120hz 1440p ISP displays for $500 or less. GSync is useless also as long as you are running a system that always max the frame rates of the monitor.

Nice purchase either way.

You can always count on Chris to **** on you.

Congrats! There are a lot of QA issues with this monitor, so hopefully you got a working one. Only issue I have is that it flickers when I open and close Photoshop.

I love mine. So damn smooth and well made.

The only thing that annoys me is that it will go back to 60hz when you turn it off…

Got a link to a 120Hz 1440p ISP monitor that isn’t one of those eBay ones of the overlords?

So far so good. I notice flickers when I close my games and the fps is dropping. Other than that I haven’t really seen anything. It’s great knowing that it has 3 year warranty though.

Are you changing your properties in Windows? Mine never resets to 60Hz?


that´s really Awesome : ) i would like to get one like these

Nioce. 144hz masterrace reporting in. I really want to get rid of my current Acer IPS and get the new 144hz 1440p one when it comes out but the price tag… oh man.

Yeah the price tag is really putting me off. Plus I’m not 100% sure I can use my xbox one on it? My girlfriend said there is no chance I’m spending £500 on a monitor.

They’re coming in April. But with our ****ty CAD it’s not worth it yet. I kind of want to sell the Swift and get the IPS one, but I’m quite happy with it.

Looks nice and has a high display :stuck_out_tongue: pretty much it XD