This Proves Dynamo is a fake!

This is Dynamo! people go crazy about him because apparently he’s ‘SuperHuman’! :laughing:

But from this video its just all video editing hahaha!

At 0:11 you can see he throws the phone in his coat, then good old video editing is done :stuck_out_tongue:

Who is dynamo. <— yes seriously fail IK.

Never heard of him, lmao.

And magic is just faked ****. Everything Chris Angel does you can find on youtube.

well you need to step out of the house!

hes a world wide known magician!

brought out several Dvds

Are you kidding me? NO MAGICIAN IS REAL. You are “special” if you believe ANY magician is real… It’s just skill.

Chris angel was kool in my opinion till I figured out how he did his tricks… kinda obvious in the end.

he doesnt really class him self as a magician tho! that what im trying to say he thinks he is superhuman! im just proving all he is a magician :laughing: