This update released today sucks

Dude come on… I get that you want people to buy your product but this is obscene:

Takes up literally half of the screen now, and you can’t dismiss it. I can barely even read the cheat names.

I feel like it’s only a matter of time until y’all just straight up make this essentially a paid app only at this point. You’re already trying to make the free version as bad as possible.

This app just keeps getting more and more bloated constantly. This doesn’t make me want to buy your product either. It makes me want to either just go back to using individual cheat engine tables, or buy someone else’s product.

If you want people to buy your product, give them incentives via the features it provides. Don’t just make the free version suck more and more. It has the absolute opposite effect.

It seems you reverted this decision. As it was back to just the dismissible version today.

Thank you.

Not sure if my complaint was heard/made a difference but I am guessing I wasn’t the only one complaining and you listened to the community somewhere, so hats off to you for this.

Yea very annoying update, Window size is larger now too its stupid. Though you can’t close the upgrade to pro ad anymore you can change to the history or info tab next to it then close that box and it will be off the screen