This War of Mine Cheats and Trainer for Steam

I have origin access… i tried with the trainer but it says “This war of mine.exe stopped working” then it asks me if i want to Debug or close it

Attach trainer after the game has run.

Maybe origin has added a launcher or something, i don’t know why but the trainer shouldn’t crash unless you activate at least one cheat first. Your game exe is This War of Mine.exe right ?

What do u mean by that?

Click Start after the game has run

like start the game threw Infinity? or normally

Start the game, load a mission etc… Then run infinity and click start

I started it and then loaded my save game then clicked start and said the same thing

Ignore that message lol (incompatible version right? ). It simply means you aren’t using steam version.

Yes it says that…So does that mean i cant use it?

In most cases you are fine if it is an incompatible message, it is just that the trainer hasn’t been tested with current version. If something is broken just mention it in the trainer thread

sooooo it i guess i cant use it Then?..

If it is just an incompatible version message you should be fine. As @STN said just ignore the message

wait…ok so when i start it up it says “This war of mine.exe stopped working” then is asks if i want to Debug or close it

That is something different all together, have you checked the trainer notes, you are not supposed to activate the cheats right away. If you don’t follow those instructions it does crash

it says that as soon as i start up the game…like im not even playing yet

Are you starting infinity while it is still loading? Start the game once it gets to the menu, load your save, when it loads into the game then try starting infinity.

I did what u said and it did the same thing

Hmm, does it do it without infinity? Also you are running infinity as an admin right?

Disable your av completely and if you’re running win 10 the defender aswell. Had the same problem the game crashed because my av and windows defender blocked infinity to hook into it.

Hi, I’ve been using the trainer for about 2 days. The trainer worked fine. But it crashed everytime I used Backpack Size cheat. Well, It did work for the first location I scavenge, but in the second location, it crash. I tried about 5 time today and still crash. Even not using the Backpack Size cheat. Please help