Thoughts and rate 1 - 10

Im not really a designer but i would still like to know what you think! <3

Gonna give you some Constructive criticism. I am not the best designer, in fact I am quite new to the GFX scene.

Logo is over complicated in my opinion. Reeper X doesn’t really go with the logo, the little coils between the logo are good.

The logos to the left and right are not needed in my opinion, white space/black space would complement the design. The space left over from this change could be easily used to add sponsors and logos.

7/10. Overall good job!

Pretty nice, 8/10

woah that looked complicated man! 8/10

Looks pretty cool I agree with @Labogani but I’d rate 8/10. :thumbsup:

That looks sick bro

Love zobe please use [CEN*ER] IMAGE HERE