Thread banner customization shop!

Hello everyone, so I got a message today from a member asking me to design a banner as you can call it for a thread. The banner will spice up the thread a bit and basically be a image additive for the thread, for an example it will say, “n i c k’s thread | Most active thread!” I will show an example of what I am actually talking about below if you are confused.

Now what this thread’s purpose is, is to allow members to request such designs! You can request a thread banner using the request form below!

1. Dimensions:
2. What do you want it to say:
3. Color:
4. Any additives (pictures, stocks, etc.):


  1. Dimensions: 2560 x 1440 pixels
  2. What do you want it to say: Cartoon FB
  3. Color:blue red
  4. Any additives (pictures, stocks, etc.):any cartoon characters
    what are stocks? btw

The banner needs to be for a thread. So my question is, is this request for a thread?

Your request needs to be filled out in this order as 1. Dimensions:
2. What do you want it to say:
3. Color:
4. Any additives (pictures, stocks, etc.):

oh ok ill edit my post :smile:

You still didn’t ask my question, is this for a thread on HorizonMB?

oh no its for youtube :smile:

Okay, I can’t do that request then.

oh why :anguished:

I do not offer any YouTube services.

well then why did u start a thread saying a banner shop ? then when I ask for a banner u say no ? but adding a banner on horizon is just the same

Okay, let me explain this to you. A banner for a thread is entirely different from a YouTube banner, a Thread Banner is what I showed as an example.

YouTube banners take hours of work, well for me it does since I take my time with them, but a simple Horizon thread banner will take 20 minutes if that.

o I did not read the thread part sorry but can u tell me what u use to make a youtube banner

Cinema 4D and Photoshop CC.

are they free tho

Almost anything can be free if you look hard enough.

I have looked cant find any but have u tho it would help if u did