Time for an introduction, I guess

Alright boys and girls.

I’ve been around here a while, and haven’t made an actual introduction yet (I think). Well, here goes nothing:

I’m Eoin (but Finneyyy on this site, as I haven’t got enough points to change it). 19 (though nearly 20) years on this god-forsaken shithole of a planet. Studying general computing in college. Irish. Worked on this mod with a few people (it’s an adult mod, for an adult game). This is the only experience of modding I have, and I couldn’t have started with a more simple engine.

I like hold-em poker (preferably no-limit and live, not so much online), and programming things. Dislikes web languages (like php, not html. I like html).

There. Now we’re done with the introductions.


haha nice job

Thanks very much, friendo.